General Information

B-SEEDs Social Impact Pitch Event

A handful of Babson’s most promising startups gathered to pitch their social impact missions in the B-SEEDs Social Impact Business Competition. 

<Awards for Winners>

Two winners can get

   1. $1,000 Cash

​   2. $30,000 investment opportunity (contingent on due diligence)

<Eligibility for Application>

​1. All current undergraduate/graduate students and alumni of Babson

    and Olin College of Engineering

2. All applications must be an early-stage startup, defined as; 
    - having less than $100,000 in revenue and less than $10,000

      in investment and
    - Planning to create a company by March 30th in 2021

3. A
ny industry can be evaluated.

4. All materials submitted by applicants must be their original work.

    The applicant(s) will retain all rights to the materials regarding their use at all

    times prior to and following the competition.

5. Applicants may be contacted via email from us if further information is required.

6. Pitch winners will gain $1,000 in cash. Subject to further due diligence,

    some winners will gain at least $30,000 investment per project

   (Note that there is a possibility not to invest money after due diligence)

7. The required applications should be submitted via an online Application Form. 

    The tile should be “Pitch Event: Name”.  The deadline is on 11:59 PM

    November 15th, 2019

<Key Evaluation Criteria>

1. Product Potential

Revenue Model, Market Potential, Competitors, etc.


2. Social Impact

Clarification of the problem, Social Goal & Mission, Measurable Social Factor, etc.


3. Future Plan

Financial Growth, Action Schedule, etc.


4. Entrepreneur

Team, Passion, Motto, etc.